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Samuel Goffin wins an Acento G Award


The Chronos Final Degree Project, carried out by Samuel Goffin George, a student of the Degree in Design at ELISAVA, has obtained the second Acento G Award in 2014.

Is the existence of any way of money/exchange tool which contains a social and human value possible, regardless of money, created by and for the user? «Chronos» is the result of a research on the value of money, its iconography and its usual superfluity.

Samuel’s project makes us “question something that passes through our hands every day and try to understand if its objective is to serve our best interests or not”.  «Chronos» is an exchange system, a corporative identity and a promotional campaign for a time-based currency with a casual, dared and even radical tone in order to reach the young public.

The exchange system consists of a 6 bills with the objective of speeding up the exchanges between the members of the time-based currency and to make it possible that they have more control over the graphic appearance of the bills, enabling them to use one of the sides of the coin as a painting. The colour of the images is related to the typology of its content: public, cultural, social, personal or economic.

The critical side of Samuel’s project is based on the idea that the printing support is a paper made of money, the result of the destruction of the bills that are out of circulation.

[video: width:760 height:490]

The second edition of the Acento G Awards, organized by, with the objective of spreading and awarding the best Final Degree Projects, has counted on more than 200 candidates. The jury has decided to award Samuel’s project because of “its research capacity into a social issue, money, modifying the exchange concept and the way of expressing it in a graphic way. It is a project that aims to improve our relation with money through design, and makes us think about the subject”.