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Visit to Oxfam Intermón by Anna Viloca



A group of Alumni of ELISAVA visited the Barcelona headquarters of Oxfam Intermón by Anna Viloca, Responsible of New Products in this NGO and Elisava's Alumni.

Training engineering with clear social responsibilities, Viloca explained how her career path had been after graduating. She started her career in the world of product engineering in the field of automotive and, little by little, she went to work on the services sector and then on marketing. 

“A lot of the abilities I acquired in my training as an engineer are the ones I currently apply to manage several innovation projects I work on”, said Viloca, who defends that the synergy between disciplines makes the projects grow, and it enriches them with influences of several and supplementary knowledge.

"The synergy between disciplines enriches innovation projects" (Anna Viloca)

Viloca explained some of the innovation projects she currently works on like the interesting world of Inbound Marketing, a digital transformation tendency in which she is currently absorbed. “Inbound Marketing is a long courtship; it is about winning the client’s heart little by little while the traditional marketing is something way briefer”, affirmed Anna. A Marketing discipline that is based on three fundamental pillars: SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

Another of the projects she explained to the group of ELISAVA’s Alumni was Trailwalker, an ultra trail of 100 km whose aim is to fight against poverty and hunger through the participating teams, all of them committed to obtain contributions that the entity gives to more than 400 projects in 50 countries.

Oxfam Intermón works around the world on four types of projects: projects of social emergency, of development and cooperation, of fair trade and of social and citizen protest and political incidence. On its website you can get to know the great work of this foundation better.