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After Effects. “Motion” for your projects

Basic data


Tuesday 6/06/2017, Thursday 8/06/2017 and Friday 9/06/2017


From 10 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.




Enrolled students in Master and Postgraduate’s programmes (M&P): 85 € the first two courses. The third course and the following ones will have a price of 75 €. | Not enrolled in M&P: 195 € each course (Alumni Bold: 15 % discount).


Introduction / Intermediate


Nowadays, dynamic audiovisual contents are the most common on all screen types and also when we present an idea or project.

The Book/Portfolio with static images has been left behind: nowadays your projects and ideas must have an audiovisual shape to successfully connect.

The use of After Effects will help you create a video to promote your idea or “case study” (qualitative evaluation) of your project.


Aimed at
Students of communication and design areas (graphic, design, product, etc.). Also those students who want to learn the basic principles and tools of software to improve the presentation of their ideas in a visual way.


Necessary material
Storyboard (graphic script) and graphic material to animate.


It is recommended to have basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator.



  • To introduce the basic technical knowledge of motion graphics (text and grapichs animation), visual effects and working with the time facto to the students, helping them throughout the whole process of presenting their ideas in a visual way.
  • To work from the video editing to adding of sounds, applying motion graphics: 2D and 3D spaces as well as Final touches like color correction and finishing with the rendering for web media.

Structure and Contents

There will be 2 hours of theoretical introduction and 2 of practice for the students to get used to the interface.


  • Introduction to motion graphics and digital image. Basic video and composition concepts.
  • View of practice projects.
  • Work environments / Compositions and systems / Importing files
  • 2D and 3D basic animation tools (Position, Scale, Opacity, Rotate)
  • Masks


  • Creation of titles and text animation
  • Work with masks
  • Keying (work with green screen)
  • Predetermined effects / plugins and finishings / correction of color / Working with audio
  • Rendering


  • Supervision / solving any specific doubts

Teaching Staff


Graduated in the Master’s Degree in Design and Communication of ELISAVA, is the co-founder of TRIEUROSTUDIO, directing since 2012 audiovisual projects for national and international brands.

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