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Filming techniques. Make a video-presentation of your projects (Closed Course)

Basic data


Tuesday 30/05/2017, Thursday 1/06/2017 and Friday 2/06/2017


From 10 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.




Enrolled students in Master and Postgraduate’s programmes (M&P): 85 € the first two courses. The third course and the following ones will have a price of 75 €. | Not enrolled in M&P: 195 € each course (Alumni Bold: 15 % discount).




Video has gained importance in social networks and in the spreading of contents through new channels and it is becoming even more extensible to the rest of disciplines related to image. The idea of this capsule is to film a video-presentation of different project based on a storyboard. This capsule allows the students to practice a new language with multiple perspectives and possibilities to advertise themselves, show and visualize their creations, both in pitching sessions of projects and social networks. The workshop structure makes it possible for the student to be accompanied during the step-by-step filming and montage. This capsule stands out for being a teamwork experience that multiplies the teaching and provides essential basis for presentations and future works.


Aimed at
Students of any discipline interested in visually showing their projects through the making of a video.


The students must bring information about the project they want to work on.


Necessary material

All the necessary material about the project you want to work on.

A storyboard (graphic script) of what you want to film.

USB memory or hard disc where to save the project in video format. We reccoment to bring your own DLSR or compact camera if you have one. Also if you have accessory lens for smartphone.



  • To know the basic technique for the making of the video and the camera handling and lighting.
  • To film a storyboard.
  • To apply the most appropriate filming techniques to make a video-presentation of a project.
  • To practice teamwork, with special emphasis on the multidisciplinary participation of the group members.
  • To learn the basic montage parameters with specific software.

Structure and Contents

1. Filming techniques and making of a video (4 hours)

View of different filming shots, techniques and resources. Start of filming the different projects according to their needs.

2. Filming (4 hours)

Filming of different projects according to their needs: filming of a storyboard / filming of a mock-up / filming of a product / filming of a set / fiction-filming.

3. Montage of the projects (4 hours)

Practice introduction to the montage through an audiovisual editing programme. Offline presentation of the projects.

Teaching Staff


Graduated in Audiovisuals in the specialization of Illumination and Photography by ESCAC. His final project “Pura”, a documentary made in Singapore, won the audiovisual FAD awards 1999-2000 for the best documentary. He directs adverts since 2003 and has been awarded in advertising festivals of San Sebastian, La Habana, Málaga and Ojo Iberoamericanp working on different countries of the world for several brands. His most recent documentaries “The Walls” and “Família Ayara” have been awarded in the festival Sima of Los Angeles and the festival Unaff in San Francisco 2014. He currently combines teaching in Barcelona with advertising projects and photography.

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