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Suite Adobe: The table of the Designer. InDesign (course closed)

Basic data


Tuesday 4/04/17, Thursday 6/04/17 and Friday 7/04/17


From 10 AM to 2:15 PM

Aimed at

Postgraduate/Master design students, graphic designers, architects, photographers, illustrators and creatives.


Introductory / intermediate




Enrolled in Master and Postgraduate’s programmes (M&P): 85€ the first two courses. The third course and the following ones will have a price of 75€. | Not enrolled in M&P: 195€ each course (Alumni Bold: 15% discount).


It is a complete course of InDesign initiation. You will be taught how to interact with Photoshop and Illustrator to optimize the resources of these essential tools when laying out a document.


The objective is that the students acquire the necessary knowledge in order to turn their projects/ideas into a laid out digital document coherently and optimizing to the maximum the main digital tools used by designers. 

Structure and contents


Session 1

InDesign presentation

Layout, composition and text and photo arrangement.

Document creation

Creating “Master Pages”

Creating grids

  • Margins
  • Guides
  • Columns

Session 2

Font Application.

  • Styles and Hierarchies
  • Text on a Path
  • Footnote
  • Paging
  • Text Frame Option
  • Tabulation and Tables

Drawing tools

  • Pen
  • Pathfinder
  • Colour

Session 3

Working with Texts and Images.

  • Text Wrap
  • Image in Shape/Text
  • Effects and Transparencies
  • Shades


  • Link Types
  • Link Editing
  • Link Complex Graphics/PDF’s
  • Automatic Links (between different InDesign Documents)

Document Exit

  • Export
  • Print Booklet
  • Package
  • Versions

Teaching staff

Valeria Dubin

Graduated in Visual Communication from the Communication and Arts faculty of Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil. Art director at Estudi Canó, creative studio of graphic design and visual communication of Barcelona, which since 1998 it develops several corporate identity projects, as well as communication campaigns; product and divulgation graphics; packaging; editorial, multimedia, and discography design; and stand and exhibition graphics.

Requirements of knowledge or experience exigible to the students

A minimum of knowledge about Mac environment and that they have worked with Adobe Software sometime, without being experts.

Information inquiry